How A Thumbs Up Changed Author John Green’s Running

To wave or not to wave is a hotly contested topic within the running community. There never seems to be an agreement on if or how we should acknowledge passing runners. However John Green, the author of the popular young adult novels A Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns, recently shared his life changing experience with the “thumbs up.”

Green shares a YouTube channel with his brother Hank. Known as the vlogbrothers, their weekly musings to each other have attracted over 3 million subscribers. In a recent video, Green spoke of training for this first half marathon. While out for 12 miles, his longest training distance yet, a passing runner gave him a thumbs up. While Green originally thought the gesture could be condescending, he noticed his pace for the next mile was substantially quicker. He also realized how much happier he suddenly felt.

For the rest of his run, Green decided to give a thumbs up to every runner he passed. It wasn’t always reciprocated, but Green felt what he described as “a surge of energy and happiness” allowing him to run his fastest mile ever.

Watch Green’s hilarious description of his run above. It might convert you into a thumbs up runner too.

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