When Is The Best Time Of Day To Run?

Morning, noon, or night—everyone has a preference about when is the best time of day to run. Some runners would go out for their miles morning, noon and night if they could. So, if you had to run at one time, what time would it be? Let’s compare three options:

Morning Magic

If you’re a morning runner, you go to sleep with your alarm set for your run. You probably dream of your adventure and the hill repeats that are in store. I feel that the morning is the best time of day to run because you can get it out of the way before your day gets busy.

Afternoon Delight

The afternoon is the best time of day to run because you don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn (or before!). You’re also not overtired in the evenings. You can slip in an afternoon run on your lunch break, or if you’re like me, you can run during your kid’s nap times, which interferes less with your  family’s schedule. The afternoon run can be a great pick-me-up in the middle of the day. Mid-day miles tend to provide great weather that can’t be found in the early morning.

Evening Unwind

Are you an evening runner? With some lights and reflective clothing, the sidewalks could be yours without competition! The evening run is the best time of day to run because you can wash away the stress of the day, decompress, and have some quality time with yourself while you sneak in a few miles.

The verdict? The best time of day to run is the time of day that you can make it happen. It’s also about getting out there consistently—day after day and week after week, regardless of the hour. The best time of day is the time that makes you happy. Whether it be watching the sunrise over the trees, basking in the noon sunlight, or a peaceful evening run to relax you before bed, there’s a best time of day to run for everyone.

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