Reebok Launches Flexweave Tech for Faster Runs

reebok flexweave

Reebok launches Flexweave technology designed for comfort, durability and speed. Source: Reebok

Last year, Reebok teased their newest concept in running technology with the introduction of Flexweave, a material that would be lightweight, durable and built for speed. On March 5, the footwear brand debuted its first shoe using the technology in New York City alongside newly-signed brand ambassador Rae Sremmurd.

During the event, Atlanta Falcons running back Devonta Freeman together with Reebok Global Trainer Harley Pasternak and speed specialist Luis Badillo Jr. crafted a demonstration to showcase its durability and mobility.

Reebok Flexweave

Source: Reebok

So how does this new tech work? For starters, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel with a new fiber upper, Reebok decided to use a figure-8-woven design that utilizes unlimited strands of fibers to create a single surface construction. The outcome is a light and well-fitting shoe that allows for more quick-burst workouts and speed drills.

With this concept, tailored zones deliver forefoot flexibility, midfoot stabilization, breathability and durable support. Additionally, the sneaker’s pressure-mapping technology promises added stability. Along with the shoe itself, Reebok gave three designers the chance to use their new textile to create their own prototypes to showcase the material.


Odd Matter (Georgi Manassiev and Els Woldhek ) used it in a chair to support seated workouts while London-based design firm Modla developed a fitted mask for high-altitude training. Lastly, New-York designer Joe Doucet created a glove with GPS technology that uses vibrations and flashing lights to prompt runners to follow their route. The prototypes are not yet on the market.

The Reebok Fast Flexweave is available now in introductory colors on Further Flexweave technology will be introduced to more products throughout 2018.

Reebok Flexweave

Source: Reebok

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