How to Organize a Charity Race From Start to Finish

Tip #2:  Plan a Collection Strategy

“There are three primary ways that you can raise money from a race: entry fee, participant fundraising and corporate donations,” said Kohler. If you’re partnering directly with a charity or getting assistance from an organization like CORE Foundation, they can help with some of this. But keep in mind, that in order for donors to write off their contributions, there needs to be some kind of direct link to a non-profit. Unless you want to file and become a 501c3 entity yourself, it’s probably easiest to go through an already-established organization. With CORE Foundation, they’ll help collect the funds and then write a check at the end to the charity of your choice. Other organizations may have their own donation pages and protocol, but can probably assist with donation collections.

If you are looking for a good way to manage sign-ups for an event, consider contracting with a company like Active to help set up a page for the race that will allow you to easily collect entry fees (which can also be used to help you defray expenses with anything left over for donation). You should also consider including extra donation options (called fund integration) for anyone that wants to give more money of their own volition directly to the charity.

Many races will also allow participants to do their own personal fundraising. Kohler recommends a site like Crowdrise—which is akin to GoFundMe but for charities—as a great resource for this type of money collection. Participants can create their own pages in an effort to garner donors supporting their participation in the event, with funds raised going directly to the charity. Anyone wishing to take things a little further could also create race memorabilia, such as t-shirts that people can purchase with partial proceeds going to charity.

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