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Yoga for Runners: Butterfly

Keep your back straight while doing this yoga move, which adds flexibility.

Dynamic Warmups for Runners: Butt Kicks

Try this drill to wake up your legs before you put them through a workout.

Friday Faceplant: A Smooth Treadmill Fall

A man "falls" off a treadmill and bounces into a push-up position. But is it real?

Winter Running Advice From the Coldest Places in America

For these runners, staying inside is not an option.

Fast After 40: Master Your Balance

Do you have a balance problem?

Out There: A Runner’s Letter to Santa

Columnist Susan Lacke isn't looking for material gifts this year.

Video: Alternate Leg Skipping

This is a great drill that builds speed and explosiveness in your legs.

The Everyman: All I Want for Christmas

Jason Devaney's holiday wish list doesn't have the usual gear, nutrition and electronic items.

Workout of the Week: 200-200-400

Don't lose touch with your speed when training for longer distances.

Tennis Star Wozniacki Putting Marathons on Hold

The tennis star ran a 3:26 on minimal training, but she's sticking with tennis.

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