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Photos: Amazing Scenes From Chamonix

Click through these photos to get a glimpse of the sights and scenes from last week in the trail running valhalla of Chamonix, France.

24 Must-Do September/October Races Across The U.S.

Drink wine, learn about Civil War history, get muddy or raise money for cancer research by running one of these fall races.

A Runner’s Guide To Ice Baths

The usefulness of ice baths is debated, but there’s a compromise. Eggs are good for you. Eggs are bad eggs for you. Eggs are good for

Ask Mario: How Much Should I Drink When It’s Hot Out?

Q. Mario, After a relatively mild summer on the east coast, we’re experiencing a late heat wave with temperatures skyrocketing into

Shoe Of The Week: Special Edition Saucony Kona Kinvara 5

Saucony has continued to revise the popular Kinvara lightweight trainer without messing with any of its best features.

Eat Your Potatoes: Nature Doesn’t Make Junk Food

Research helps rehabilitate the potato.

Amanda Brooks: Lessons In Injury Prevention

Amanda Brooks learned the painful way that listening to your body as an athlete is crucial.

3 Ways to Increase Running Cadence for Speed

Work on your leg turnover by following a few simple steps.

Glossary For Going 100 Miles

Are you familiar with the ultrarunner's lingo?

Huddle, Mecheso Win U.S. 20K Titles In New Haven

Molly Huddle continues her amazing year of running a day after turning 30.

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