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Do This Sprint Workout To Build Up Your Leg Speed

Regular leg speedwork improves your basic speed and means in the long term you’re much less likely to sustain running injuries.

How Well Does Running Fitness Translate To Other Sports?

Find out which sports will help your running and why you will often find athletes from other sports running.

Meet New York’s Ultra Tough Guy Who Runs an Ultra a Month

Chris Rice is a banking technology manager by day and an ultrarunner, well, pretty much every other time he has available.

Why Your Weight May Be a Factor When Choosing a Running Shoe

A recent study found that runners who weigh more and wear lightweight running shoes experience injury more often than lighter runners.

5 Things To Watch At The USATF Outdoor Championships

The races, athletes and stories to watch out for when USATF Outdoor Championships start today. And how to watch all the action.

Should Runners Know Their Race Course or Is Ignorance Bliss?

We explore whether it is better for runners to know the course or not.

Olympian Emma Coburn Is Aiming For Sixth USA Steeplechase Title

At the USATF National Outdoor Track & Field Championships in Sacramento this week, Coburn once again plans on bringing her A game.

New Study Found Sexist Coverage Of Female Athletes Increased During 2016 Olympics

A study found that microaggresions against female athletes in the form of sexist or racist statements, increased during the 2016 Olympics.

Whoa, Gatorade Endurance Now Tastes Totally Different

The most prevalent aid station beverage just got a major makeover…

TrackTown Summer Series Brings Track To The Major-Leagues

This is the second year that TrackTownUSA brings us the TrackTown Summer Series featuring some of the top runners in the sport.

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