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Don’t Fly Without Compression

Stiff legs, a creaky back, and a generally grumpy attitude often accompany a long trip on an airplane. Yes, the drudgery of hauling a

Americans Going for Bragging Rights at Beach to Beacon 10K

(c) 2015 Race Results Weekly, all rights reserved. Used with permission. CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine — Here at the 18th annual TD Beach To

Sarah Bowen Shea: Being a Good Patient Pays Off

Starting at the age of two, I had to wear glasses to correct a cross-eye or, as most folks say more gently now, a “lazy” eye. An

2015 Late Summer/Early Fall Road Running Shoe Buyer’s Guide

We offer wear-test insights from 17 of the latest and greatest training shoes.

Badwater 135 Cools Down, Speeds Up in 2015

Death Valley temperatures gave runners a break in 2015.

Pre-Race Dos and Don’ts For Beginner Runners

Brad Hudson and Reno Stirrat share some of their top tips leading up to a big race.

Trail of the Week: Franconia Ridge Loop, New Hampshire

A challenging trail in the White Mountains—but it's worth it.

Are You Getting Enough of These Nutrients?

Just like an engine missing a nut, your body will start to sputter without them.

Run Like a Champion: Dynamic Drills and Stretching

What's the importance of dynamic drills and stretches before a hard workout?

Last Lap with Timothy Olson: Soul Runner

After recovering from a well-documented spiral into drug addiction many years ago, the rejuvenated Timothy Olson, 31, became one of the

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