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9 Last-Minute Tips for Running the Chicago Marathon

Get ready for a race you'll never forget.

Q&A: Ryan Hall on His Recent Struggles, His Running Future and His Growing Family

His health has taken a toll, but he's optimistic about the future.

Theodora Blanchfield: Taming the Taper Crazies

You’ve put in months of training, and race day is fast approaching. Your pre-race anxiety is at an all-time high and the one thing you

Michele Gonzalez: How to Shake Pre-Race Doubts

This past weekend I ran the fastest marathon of my life. It came on the heels of the best and most successful training cycle to date. But,

Stash Your Trash

How can we solve the litter problem on our favorite running and cycling trails?

Strava Launches New Interactive Running Data Tool

The database has interesting stats for runners and cyclists in cities around the globe.

Photos: 2015 Reebok Spartan Race World Championships

More than 10,000 athletes from around the globe participated.

Photos: 2015 Flagstaff Sky Race

The race served as the finale of the 2015 U.S. Skyrunner Series.

Spike Lee Named Grand Marshal of the 2015 New York City Marathon

Come race day, notable New York filmmaker Spike Lee will lead the field in the Grand Marshal vehicle with CEO Michael Capiraso.

5 Reasons Why the Chicago Marathon Rocks

In just a few days, I’ll be running the Chicago Marathon with 45,000 of my BFFs. It’s my second time running the legendary race, and I

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