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How to Watch the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon

A look at your options for watching the Olympic Trials marathon.

The Inside Lane: What’s Rupp Got To Do With It?

The 29-year-old marathon debutant will change the dynamic of the men's race on Saturday.

Memorable Quotes From Top Athletes Before the U.S. Olympic Trials

Heading into the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon, the energy in downtown Los Angeles is abuzz with elite runners and Olympic

Chasing Rio, Part 3: Meb Arrives in L.A.

Meb Keflezighi arrives in Los Angeles, hoping to add another chapter to his legacy.

Full-Time Lawyer Annie Bersagel Has Sights on Rio From L.A.

It’s all or nothing for the 32-year-old international lawyer.

Why Should The Average American Runner Care About the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon?

Olympic Trials qualifier Patrick Rizzo shares his thoughts on how to make the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon more appealing to everyone.

Video: How Are the Race Tactics Different at the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon?

Alan Culpepper explains how race strategy changes at the Olympic Trials.

Will the Olympic Trials Marathon Help L.A.’s 2024 Olympic Bid?

City officials hope the Trials prove L.A.'s worth to host big-time sporting events.

Bobby Curtis Hoping to Take Advantage of Olympic Trials Opportunity

The 31-year-old believes he has what it takes to land on the podium in Los Angeles.

For the Trials Contenders, There’s Even a Strategy for Water Bottles

Runners go to great lengths to make sure their fluids are easy to find in a crowded race.

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