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What You Need To Know About Wrist-Based Mapping In GPS Watches

New technology helps make discovering great runs anywhere in the world increasingly easy and GPS watches are taking advantage.

14-Year-Old Completes Marathons In All 50 States

Nikolas Toocheck just completed 26.2 miles in all 50 states—and he did it for a good cause.

This Speed Session Will Help You Run Fast And Relaxed

This speed session hits both aerobic and anaerobic systems for faster yet relaxed running that won't exhaust you at the end of the day.

The Many Layers Of Ultrarunning Star Anton Krupicka

Anton Krupicka became ultrarunning’s most talked about star and now adding climbing, biking and skiing to his repertoire, he’s no less

This Is The Right Way To Recover From A Marathon

Take time to consider these three real race day scenarios—and discover the best practices to properly recover from each one.

This Teen Ran A Speedy Half Marathon In Crocs

Find out why Benjamin Pachev's entire family runs in Crocs.

In Motherhood and Running, Expectations Rarely Match Reality

One woman shares how her approach to running changed after becoming a mother.

Finishing A Race Under Your Own Power

Runners assisting others across a finish line make for a nice moment, but to some they could be breaking official racing rules.

10 Races With Unique Courses

Whether over bridges, on racetracks, or through rain forests, each course offers up a different experience from your typical road race.

Get Tough With These 5 Mental Race Strategies

Not all of these strategies will work for every runner, but one of these tools could be what gets you to the finish faster.

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