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Ancestral Athletes: American Runners Chase Olympic Dreams for Other Countries

[Editor’s note: This story has been updated from the original version posted on July 1 to reflect Olympic results.] David Torrence

U.S. Women 4×100 Relay Team Gains Spot in Finals

The U.S. women 4X100 squad earned a finals spot with an unusual time trial effort.

Pearl Izumi Exiting Running Category

Pearl Izumi's announcement says it will leave the running category by the end of the year.

Do Something Epic: Test Your Limits with an Unsupported Adventure Run

How to plan your own epic adventure run and why.

Shoe of the Week: Altra Torin 2.5

While there are plenty of shoes that offer maximal cushioning, only a few can come close to the resilient ride of the Torin 2.5.

Out There: Pushing to the Finish

Susan Lacke gives some perspective on what it's like to be a wheelchair racer or handcyclist and the things foot runners may take for

Bigger is Better: How a Runner Can Build a Huge Aerobic Base

The base phase of marathon training is crucial in setting the stage for the rest of your training weeks.

VIDEO: Olympic Medalist Emma Coburn Goes Trail Running

Olympic bronze medalist Emma Coburn takes us on a tour of her favorite trails in a video from Matchstick Productions.

Philly Mayor in Hot Water For Marathon Revenue ‘Slush Fund’

Philadelphia mayor Mayor Michael Nutter allegedly took trips to Rome and he and his staff dolled out unapproved grants, held open bar

Workout of the Week: The Marathon Simulator

A key part of marathon training is simulating the run on a similar course before race day.

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