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BMW Designs New Running Shoes Using Car Technology

BMW and Puma collaborated to create the first running shoe that receives its design inspiration from car technology.

Cancer Research Advocate Runs 200 Miles, Raises $1 Million for Research

Funds will support critical research for multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer.

Amazing Hyperlapse Video of Running Through the Seasons

A Montana runner created this amazing hyperlapse video using GoPro cameras that flows through the seasons as he runs on the same bike path.

Record-Breaking Insights: Karl Meltzer’s Record Run on the Appalachian Trail

Just days after completing his record-breaking run on the Appalachian Trail, Karl Meltzer shares the ups and downs of his adventure.

Out There: It’s Never The Right Time (So Sign Up for a Race Today!)

Susan Lacke makes the case for why we just need to stop making excuses and just sign up for that race we've been eyeing.

I am a Finisher’s Medal Maniac, How About You?

Is anyone else out there a Medal Maniac like I am? I’m talking about the increasingly larger finisher’s medals most running races give

Second Week of 2017 Boston Marathon Registration is Now Open

Registration will remain open until 5:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Sept. 21.

Smyth, Stephen Win XTERRA Trail Half-Marathon National Championships

XTERRA trail running titles mark Patrick Smyth’s third and Liz Stephen’s fourth victories

Chasing Adam: On the Run in Israel

Columnist Adam Chase recently visited Israel as part of the Vibe Fitness Tour and shares how the run culture is growing within the country.

Generation Next: Influential and Inspiring Runners Under 30

11 teens and twentysomethings making big impacts in the world of running.

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