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What To Look For In A GPS Running Watch

Your GPS running watch does a lot for you, but you shouldn’t settle for one that only tracks your distance. It needs to go the distance.

6 Everyday Runners’ Secrets To Survival And Success

You don't have to be a pro to run like a champion. Learn from these runners who balance families, careers and success at running.

Puma’s New Shoes Give Runners A Customizable Fit In The Easiest Way

Puma introduces brand new NETFIT technology that allows runners to customize their shoe by changing the way it is laced up.

Meb’s Top Tips for Recovery

Meb’s top tips for Recovery: Wear CEP compression socks after a workout to help speed up recovery What you put in your body affects what

Nike’s Breaking2 Falls Short Of Its Goal, But Still Delivers A Record

Eliud Kipchoge just missed breaking the elusive 2-hour mark in the marathon, but Nike's Breaking 2 event still packed plenty of excitement.

5 Ways to Protect From the Sun For Runners

These tips will not only protect you from a nasty sunburn, but also keep you cool this summer.

Watch Nike Attempt to Break The 2-Hour Marathon Barrier

Nike's Breaking2 attempt will take place this Saturday, May 6, in Monza, Italy, and here's what breaking the 2-hour marathon barrier will

5 Star Wars Quotes That Can Be Perfect Running Mantras

In honor of Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you!), here are 5 iconic quotes that can inspire your running.

A Look At One Runner’s Ultimate California Road Trip

Knox Robinson’s California road trip proves that destination running doesn’t have to be about a race. The destination is the run itself.

7 Essential Pieces Of Gear For Traveling Runners

When you travel to run or race, please allow us to suggest these multipurpose, must-haves that are perfect for cardio tourists.

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