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Former Navy SEALs to Tackle Polar Circle Marathon

Temperatures for the Oct. 26 race could hover around zero degrees.

Coach Culpepper: Speed Maintenance During Marathon Training

Don’t lose basic speed when training for longer races, writes Alan Culpepper.

Out There: Giving Advice, Unsolicited

Susan Lacke likes to give advice to fellow athletes—but they never seem to take it well.

Workout of the Week: Alternating 400s

This challenging track session teaches you to recover while running fast.

Competitor on Demand: Romanian Deadlift

One of the most popular lifts out there can benefit runners in a big way.

Photos: Canyon de Chelly Ultra Marathon

A glimpse inside a special event on the Navajo Nation in Arizona. The Canyon de Chelly Ultra, held near Chinle, Ariz., on Oct. 11, is an

How To Grow A Runner: Side Steps

Keep the big picture in mind when developing your strength-training routine.

Gear Of The Week: Tracksmith Marathon Singlets

A new brand serves up old-school style in modern running gear.

Angela Bekkala: Loving, Hating Track Workouts

Angela Bekkala turned to the track when she needed to add some speed to her running.

Gear of the Week: Bia Sport Watch

This slim, two-piece gadget fits differently on the wrist than other watches.

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