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Beat The Heat: Warm Weather Racing Tips

Use these nine tips to perform optimally in hot conditions.

Andy Bryant Competes in First Special Olympics With Brooks

In his running career, 36-year-old Andy Bryant has completed 30 marathons including racing in Boston nine times.

Altitude Training 101

If you're in the mountains for work or leisure, make the most of your time at altitude and don't let it get the best of you.

Ask a PT: Is There an Actual Cure for Plantar Fasciitis?

Physical Therapist Dr. Marc Robinson answers your questions about running, chronic pain, injury prevention & training in our monthly column.

How to Effectively Train for a Downhill Race

Downhill running takes a toll on the body, but you can train your body to better handle the load—and snag that PR.

3 Secrets of Japanese Marathoning Success

This small country has consistently produced some of the world's best marathoners.

4 Foods That Help Fight Post-Run Inflammation

These foods and spices pack an anti-inflammatory punch and are worth incorporating into your diet.

Competitor Running Focus Group Survey

We want to hear from you about your reading habits, how you read our stories, and why you visit our website.

Maintain Your Strengths While Working On Your Weaknesses

Pro trail runner Max King explains how to balance the work you do.

How to Use Progression in Your Strength Workouts

Keep improving with your strength training and the running results will follow.

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