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Fast After 40: Master Your Recovery

Recovery gets more important the older you get.

Photos: 2014 Spartan Race World Championships

Here are photos from the 2014 Spartan World Championships in Vermont.

Godbout, Albon Win Spartan World Titles

The 16-mile course in Vermont pushes racers to their limits.

Out There: So Your Race Got Cancelled

What should an athlete do when his or her race is cancelled? Susan Lacke weighs in.

Workout of the Week: The Split Long Run

Learn why splitting up your long run occasionally could be beneficial long-term.

Competitor on Demand: The Stork Reach

Work your glutes and hamstrings with this easy-to-learn exercise.

Boston Marathon Announces Qualifier Cut-Off for 2015 Race

23,546 runners are accepted into the race, slated for April 20.

Down & Dirty: Running Camps Offer Fun, Focused Training

This one time, at running camp …

Gear Of The Week: Pearl Izumi Fly Short

These 5-inch inseam, split-leg shorts are cut to accommodate muscular legs

Siri Lindley: Visualize The Good, And Bad, Pre-Race

Siri Lindley make a mistake in 2000 that cost her a spot on the Olympic team.

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