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Out There: Go Ahead, Take a Mulligan

Susan Lacke wants a do-over on the goals she set.

Gear We Love: July 2015

A look at the gear we're growing attached to in July.

Strength Training for Runners: Box Jumps

Use this exercise to build strength for the final miles of a long run or at the end of a race, and also to help ward off injury.

Workout Of The Week: Descending Time Trials

This tough track session has been a secret to many a fast 5K runner's success.

Are Antibiotics Safe for Athletes?

If an athlete must use antibiotics for an infection, what steps can he take to limit the damage to his healthy gut biome?

A Smarter Way to Increase Running Mileage

Increase your mileage aggressively or conservatively depending on the situation.

Running Tech Buzz: Sensoria Fitness Bundle

Sensoria’s wearable device measures technique where the body meets the road—under the foot. Pressure sensors woven into socks link to a

Market Watch: What Should Beginners Look For When Buying Their First Pair of Running Shoes?

We asked eight owners of specialty running stores around the country for their advice on picking out your first pair of running shoes.

20 August/September Races to Sign Up For

Celebrate the end of summer with one last sweaty race before the fall racing season begins. We’ve curated a list of races known for their

5 Places to Run In…Dallas

The Dallas-Fort Worth running scene is booming. With more races debuting each year and new trails being developed and improved, denizens of

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