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2017 Running Gear Guide: Socks

The latest running socks provide temperature regulation, compression, odor elimination and more.

2017 Running Gear Guide: Night Gear

With all the latest night tech there are many ways to stay bright in the darkness—and no more excuses not to be safe.

2017 Running Gear Guide: C to DD Sports Bras

With this new crop of high quality bras, on-the-run comfort is a given and no doubling up is required.

2017 Running Gear Guide: A to B Sports Bras

Unique designs, soft fabrics and a compressive fit are the hallmarks of these A and B cup favorites.

2017 Running Gear Guide: Women’s Jackets

Whether you’re looking to stay warm and dry or looking for lightweight breathability, these performance shells offer all of those—plus

2017 Running Gear Guide: Women’s Bottoms

From shorts to capris to tights—and now a new trending 7/8th length—for women, there are a variety of bottoms to meet your running

2017 Running Gear Guide: Women’s Tops

Performance tees, tanks and long sleeves that allow you to give it your all, sweat your hardest and run your fastest—and look good doing

2017 Running Gear Guide: Men’s Jackets

Check your excuses and get out the door on the worst weather days with the latest cold- and water-repelling shells.

2017 Running Gear Guide: Men’s Bottoms

The latest men’s shorts and pants feature materials that are getting lighter and more comfortable, but they also offer novel portability.

2017 Running Gear Guide: Men’s Tops

Today’s run apparel features more grown-up color palates, real-world styling and luxurious but technical fabrics.

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