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Mother Breaks Record for Fastest Half Marathon Pushing a Stroller

It’s the year of fast stroller running. The Guinness World Record for fastest half marathon by a female pushing a stroller was broken

Photos: Real Athlete Diets Healthy Cooking Class

There is nothing quite like enjoying a great meal with good people. That’s truly understood when you learn how to make the meal

12 July Races to Sign Up For

Take advantage of warmer weather with a growing number of 5K, half marathon, marathon and trail races.

8 Trail-Tested Essentials

The right gear every trail runner needs.

4 Energizing Trail Mix Recipes for On-The-Go

Tasty DIY variations on trail mix.

Salomon Running TV: Down

In the latest episode of Salomon Running TV, British fell runners Ricky Lightfoot and Tom Owens head to Iceland looking to tap into the

Workout of the Week: Plus Ones

This workout helps improve two crucial elements of racing well.

Why Your Upper Back Hurts When You Run

At the end of a long hard run, you expect your legs and lungs to be burning, but your upper back? No way. Unfortunately, “it’s a very

Seemingly Ageless Ed Whitlock, 85, Runs World-Record Mile Time

Ed Whitlock isn’t super-human, but he certainly defies his age. For the past 20 years or so, he’s been an inspiration to

Cast of Friday Night Lights Reunites to Run a Spartan Race

For the first time since the hit television show Friday Night Lights went off the air in 2011, four cast members from the show reunited in

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