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Pace Changers: A Look at the Women Who Changed Running

Running wasn't always a sport for females, but these women were the catalyst for change.

Former Navy SEALs to Tackle Polar Circle Marathon

Temperatures for the Oct. 26 race could hover around zero degrees.

Coach Culpepper: Speed Maintenance During Marathon Training

Don’t lose basic speed when training for longer races, writes Alan Culpepper.

Out There: Giving Advice, Unsolicited

Susan Lacke likes to give advice to fellow athletes—but they never seem to take it well.

Workout of the Week: Alternating 400s

This challenging track session teaches you to recover while running fast.

Competitor on Demand: Romanian Deadlift

One of the most popular lifts out there can benefit runners in a big way.

Photos: Canyon de Chelly Ultra Marathon

A glimpse inside a special event on the Navajo Nation in Arizona. The Canyon de Chelly Ultra, held near Chinle, Ariz., on Oct. 11, is an

How To Grow A Runner: Side Steps

Keep the big picture in mind when developing your strength-training routine.

Gear Of The Week: Tracksmith Marathon Singlets

A new brand serves up old-school style in modern running gear.

Angela Bekkala: Loving, Hating Track Workouts

Angela Bekkala turned to the track when she needed to add some speed to her running.

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