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2017 Running Gear Guide: Hydration

From vests and packs to belts and handhelds, there’s a style to suit every run and runner.

2017 Running Gear Guide: Tech

2017 brings new run tech that goes well beyond the GPS watch and heart rate monitor.

2017 Running Gear Guide: Trail Shoes

From burly and protective to flexible and fast, this season’s trail shoes run the gamut.

2017 Running Gear Guide: Kits

Running outfits for all your training needs.

2017 Running Gear Guide: Road Shoes

These spring/summer shoe styles feature new materials, designs and construction techniques that only keep getting better.

Study Finds Sub-2-Hour Marathon Is Completely Possible

Thanks to their math, the team at the University of Colorado Boulder found that it could even be done today under the right conditions.

Over 16,000 Runners Just Found Out They’re Running NYC

Over 50,000 runners are expected to finish the NYC Marathon this year—and you still have a chance to be one of them.

Take Your Running Up A Gear By Cycling During Base Training

If you're in-between race seasons, here's how cycling can keep your body fit and mind fresh—along with the right way to get started.

Why You Should Know This 26-Year-Old Breakout Ultrarunner

Jim Walmsley, an Air Force Academy runner is smashing records and taking ultrarunning to new heights.

Chasing Adam: Racking Up Miles in Hong Kong

Columnist Adam Chase returns from a recent trip to Hong Kong and explains why it's the next running destination.

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