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Katherine Hopper: Moving Beyond Race-Day Blunders

-I stopped to call for a ride home around mile 19 of my first marathon. -I ended up in the finish-line medical tent twice. -I left my bib

Jessica Hofheimer: A Tune-Up Race in Training

During week after week of marathon training, we test our limits and prepare ourselves for running 26.2 miles as best we can. No matter the

Sarah Bowen Shea: The Art of a Great Race Photo

Nabbing a PR or completing a bucket-list race are worthy goals, but let’s admit it: Sometimes our number one aim on race day is to get a

Katherine Hopper: Strength in Numbers

I’ll be the first to admit that I love solo running. It’s my quiet time to recharge at the end of a stressful day. I can set out at any

Angela Bekkala: What to Pack for a Destination Marathon

Packing is just another stress the week of your marathon.

Elizabeth Weil: 9 Ways to Beat the Heat

It may be September, but those of us in California are tackling our longest Chicago Marathon training runs in a heat wave. I grew up in a

Laura Anderson: Just Say ‘No’ to Recovery Guilt

During marathon training, we spend hours upon hours each week pushing our bodies and testing our limits. But you can’t redline all the

Angela Bekkala: 10 Ways to Survive and Thrive During Your Long Run

The good thing about marathon training is that the term “long run” changes the farther you progress in your training. Before you

Lindsey Hein: Slowing Down

It’s pretty simple to race faster. Run fast, work hard, recover, run easy and repeat. The key is to slow down on easy and recovery days.

Theodora Blanchfield: Injuries Happen, Here’s How to Deal With It

If you’re a runner, the following timeline and scenario may sound all too familiar to you.

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