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Laura Anderson: Train for the Course

Training for a marathon means working hard for a few months, and then having just one day to put it all together. During training you have

Lindsey Hein: Juggling Life and Marathon Training

Training for a marathon is a big commitment. Everyday life is busy too. So, how do you balance the training yet keep a healthy social, work

Morganne Hockett: Hydration 101

Hydration and exercise is a pretty basic equation, right? You run, you sweat, which causes your body to lose water, salt, and other

Elizabeth Weil: 8 Marathon Training Lessons Learned the Hard Way

I’ve run more than 40 marathons. That means I’ve likely racked up more than 600 long training runs in preparation. Through much trial

Danica Newon: Spice Up Your Routine for Marathon Success

It’s SO easy to burn out while training for a marathon. The miles can get tediously long, and training can become downright boring. As

Michele Gonzalez: Lessons in Marathon Coaching

I’ve had the pleasure and honor of participating in two Saucony 26Strong programs over the last couple years. During that time, I have

Katie Morse: Must-Do Workouts for Marathon Training

When training for your first marathon, it’s important to include a few key workouts to give you the training and confidence you need

Angela Bekkala: Marathoners and Cross-Training

Whether or not to cross train was a huge debate when I took the RRCA Running Coach exam. According to our instructor, he said, absolutely

Katherine Hopper: Setting Goals for Your First Marathon

Goals are good, but should be toned down for your first marathon.

Laura Anderson: The Power of a Team

Running is often seen as an individual sport. On race day, it’s you and your own two feet that get you across the finish line. But we

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