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Katie Hart Morse: Avoid These 10 Common Running Fails

When you try something new, things will go wrong—it happens. The magic comes in learning from your mistakes and moving on to the next

Sarah Bowen Shea: Mind Games for Your Long Run

My best running friend, Molly, crushed her first marathon, literally cracking jokes at mile 20 and smiling much of the route. But the prior

Michele Gonzalez: 8 Tips to Survive Speed Work

Like it or not, speed work is an integral part of any training plan – regardless if you are training for a 5K, 10K or marathon. For many

Katherine Hopper: 5 Ways Runners Can Beat the Heat

Five go-to tips for surviving dog days of summer runs.

Lindsey Hein: Successful Training Means Appreciating the Process

Two years ago I ran an 11-minute personal best time in the marathon. It was nine months after I birthed baby number one. Once I had my son

Morganne Hockett: 5 Quick Tips to Improve Running Form

When I first got into running, I simply picked up my feet, swung my arms and went. Proper running wasn’t something I considered until I

Laura Anderson: When Training and Life Collide

In a perfect world, we would live in a runner’s utopia during the days and weeks leading up to a goal marathon. I’ve travelled a bit,

May Zhu: 5 Things to Remember When Fueling for Summer Runs

Hydration is important regardless of the season, but when long training runs coincide with the long, hot days of summer preventing

Angela Bekkala: Signs of Overtraining and How to Avoid It

When I first got serious about running, I lived and breathed by my training plan. Whatever it said to do, I did. The thought of

May Zhu: 5 Whole Food Alternatives for Fueling

While running gels and chews are commonly used by runners during their long training sessions, some stomachs cannot tolerate them.

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