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Saucony 26 Strong: Something Bugging You?

Christi Paine, our veteran in Atlanta who is training with first-timer Susan Baker, had one of the more interesting running injuries during

Saucony 26 Strong: Back from France

Laurent Vrignaud, a French native, returned to Southern California this week after a long trip to France. He’s a marathon veteran who’s

Saucony 26 Strong: Training With Mom

The toughest part for Melissa has simply been finding the time to train.

Marathon Training and Med School Applications

Christine Sinclair has a lot going on this summer. And that’s just the way she likes it. As part of Saucony 26 Strong, Christine is a

Saucony 26 Strong: Sweating In Chicago

Two Saucony 26 Strong teams were in Chicago this weekend to run the XSport Fitness Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half Marathon.

Hydration Tips From 26 Strong

Marla Brizel is training for her first marathon this fall, but she’s far from a novice. The 26-year-old from Chicago has been running for

Five Weeks, Four Kids in a Tent and a Collapsible Toilet

Theresa Ferguson is going through the same challenges as any first-time marathoner--and then some.

First Steps in Marathon Training

For Marisa Boasa, the decision to start running was as much about changing her life as challenging herself. The 35-year-old from Vernon,

Building a Base: Tips from Saucony 26 Strong

Elizabeth Brown started running for the same reason that we do lots of things: peer pressure. “Two of my good friends asked me to run a

Saucony 26 Strong | Coach Mike Norman

Mike Norman, longtime Chicago running coach and Boston Marathon finisher, is the head coach of the 26Strong program. Norman will guide each

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