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Danica Newon: Spice Up Your Routine for Marathon Success

It’s SO easy to burn out while training for a marathon. The miles can get tediously long, and training can become downright boring. As

Michele Gonzalez: Lessons in Marathon Coaching

I’ve had the pleasure and honor of participating in two Saucony 26Strong programs over the last couple years. During that time, I have

Katie Morse: Must-Do Workouts for Marathon Training

When training for your first marathon, it’s important to include a few key workouts to give you the training and confidence you need

Angela Bekkala: Marathoners and Cross-Training

Whether or not to cross train was a huge debate when I took the RRCA Running Coach exam. According to our instructor, he said, absolutely

Katherine Hopper: Setting Goals for Your First Marathon

Goals are good, but should be toned down for your first marathon.

Laura Anderson: The Power of a Team

Running is often seen as an individual sport. On race day, it’s you and your own two feet that get you across the finish line. But we

Jessica Hofheimer: Purposeful Running

When I first began running fifteen years ago, every single run was pretty much the same for me. As a former smoker climbing my way out of

Sarah Bowen Shea: 7 Tips for Track Workouts

Two things about track workouts are true: They are incredibly effective in honing speed, and they intimidate the shorts off many runners.

Danica Newon: Running for Two

This spring I was training for the Boston Marathon, a huge goal, when I found out I was pregnant. It came as a surprise, a welcome one, but

Angela Bekkala: Balancing the Scales of Training and Life

When I signed up for my first marathon, I had no idea it would become such a large part of my weekly life. I had run numerous half

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