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8 Foods Ideal For Runners To Grill Up This Weekend

Fire up the grill—or grab a grill pan—and mix and match these eight foods that have extra nutrition and benefits for runners.

Now You Can Buy Genetic Testing Kits At The Pharmacy

This summer, select CVS Pharmacy locations began stocking genetic testing kits on their shelves.

Portland Parks Foundation Crowdfunding For Wildwood Trail Footbridge

The Portland Parks Foundation is working to improve the safety for both pedestrians and vehicles with a footbridge on the Wildwood Trail.

New Research Reveals Which U.S. City Exercises The Most

Today marked the release of the 2016 Community Rankings for Exercise, which ranked 189 cities to find out who exercises the most.

Determined Marathoner Rolls Across Finish Line After Collapsing

Last month at a marathon in Washington, Devon Bieling rolled her way across the finish line after collapsing and still earned a BQ.

Choose These Prepackaged Foods That Are Dietitian Approved

Sometimes hunger strikes and you just need something that you can grab and go with. In that case, reach for these prepackaged foods.

You’ve Got To See These Running-Themed Gender Reveals

Gender reveals are all the rage and runners are taking it up a notch with creativity when it comes to sharing their joy with loved ones.

5 Injuries That You Shouldn’t Treat Yourself And Require A Doctor

It can be tempting to use self-care to treat your own injuries and get back to running quickly, however, it isn't always the best idea.

She Became A Leadwoman While 18 Weeks Pregnant

Erin Drasler trained for and completed all five races in the Leadville Trail series while pregnant, capped off at the Leadville Trail 100.

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