Articles by Allison Pattillo

Team RWB Grows With Trail Running Camps for Veterans

Having wrapped up its fourth year, Team RWB's trail running camp has proven to be a success in helping veterans transition into civilian

Veteran Mike Sheehy Runs Ultras to Raise Money for Charities

After leaving the military, Mike Sheehy now runs long distances to give back to the community fundraising for local charities.

Bright Running Gear for Visible Nights

15 night running gear that'll ensure you can see and be seen during the dark winter months.

A Peek Inside the Medical Tent at the New York City Marathon

World Marathon Majors races to have the latest diagnostic tools.

8 Race-Day Gear Upgrades

Be prepared for this fall's racing season with brand new gear.

The Summer of Speed: A Look at the Latest FKT Trail Records

Runners blaze trails with new FKTs and records across the country in 2015.

9 Dry Jackets for Wet Runs

These eight styles will keep you running in any weather, from gentle showers to dumping buckets.

How to Smartly Execute the Final Preparations for Your Marathon

These tips from marathon veterans will help you make the most out of the final month of training.

Behind the Scenes of the Latest Saucony 26Strong Photo Shoot

For the third year in a row, Competitor and Saucony are collaborating on 26Strong, a program pairing 13 experienced marathon mentors

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