Articles by Allison Pattillo

When Imbalance is a Good Thing: Build Strength With Balance Boards

Use these inherently unstable tools to engage more muscle groups from your feet to your core.

6 Balance-Board Options for Unique Strength Work

Functional strength and balance can be worked by doing single-leg drills or buying equipment that specifically forces additional

8 Blister-Busting Items for Happy Feet

Just say "no" to blisters with these remedies.

Passionate Mentor: Interview with Lisa Rainsberger

One of the most successful marathoners in U.S. history gives her thoughts on the sport today from training tactics to sponsorship.

2016 Running Gear Guide: Trail Accessories

Trail gear is durable and specifically suited to dirt-centric adventures.

2016 Running Gear Guide: Women’s Jackets

$98, The DWR-coated front panel and sleeves (for water resistance) and a breathable mesh back panel with laser-cut ventilation

2016 Running Gear Guide: Race-Day Gear

This gear has what it takes to help you fly to the finish line as efficiently and comfortably as possible.

2016 Running Gear Guide: Night Accessories

The latest eye-catching offerings are all designed with your safety in mind.

The Crown Jewel of Race Medals? World Marathon Majors Debuts “Six Star” Finisher Medal

Yesterday, at the conclusion of the 2016 Tokyo Marathon, Abbott World Marathon Majors unveiled the new Six Star Finisher Medal, and,

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