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Meb’s Top Tips for Optimal Performance

Meb’s top tips for optimal performance: Wear CEP compression socks for maximum efficiency during a workout, without compromising

Meb’s Top Tips for Injury Prevention

Meb shows us his top tips to prevent injuries: Wear CEP compression socks Cross-train with ElliptiGO Stretch before and after running To

The Power of Compression for Performance

Medical-grade compression socks and sleeves were first used to help prevent blood clots and swelling by increasing circulation

Meb Keflezighi on Why He Loves Compression Socks

You never see Meb Keflezighi racing without compression socks. Here's why they are a staple of his race-day gear.

Recover Faster With Compression Apparel

New research finds that lower body compression apparel can help the body recover faster from a marathon.

Don’t Fly Without Compression

Stiff legs, a creaky back, and a generally grumpy attitude often accompany a long trip on an airplane. Yes, the drudgery of hauling a

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