Articles by Erin Beresini

The Top 10 Running Doping Scandals of All Time

Cyclists aren't the only juicers. Presenting the top 10 running doping scandals of all time.

Can Your Own Stem Cells Heal Your Running Injuries?

The ultimate healing agent may lie within your own body.

Friday $50 Shoe Sale

If you're on the fence about getting new kicks, maybe some cash savings will kick you into replacing your beaters.

Are You Too Emotionally Attached to Your Sports Equipment?

Our editor names her bikes and feels guilty when buying new shoes. Weird or normal?

The Top 5 Running Blooper Videos

Presenting five videos that prove, of all the lessons running teaches (perseverance, pain tolerance), perhaps humility is the most

Can an Online Calculator Predict Your Life Span?

Our editor took the test (s).

Should You Facebook or Tweet Your Workouts?

Should you post your run workouts to your social network?

Karma Comes Back to Bite Floyd Landis in the Butt

Floyd Landis has trashed talked cycling long enough. Now the UCI is biting back.

Enduro Word of the Week: SMILEY (body part)

Having a smiley is not always a good thing.

Does a High Metabolism Make You Age Faster?

A new study claims that people with higher metabolic rates age faster and die younger than people without them. Is it true?

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