Articles by Erin Beresini

Stuff I Ate that Showed Up on My Desk

New stuff appears on my desk magically when I’m not looking. Sometimes it's good. Like this stuff.

Running in Tokyo: Japan Soldiers On

Tokyo runners find joy in a group workout despite the recent disasters in their country.

Hyperthermia on the Run: A Collegiate Athlete’s Frightening Tale

Stanford Medical School student, triathlon team member and Impala Racing Team member, Kierann Smith, was on pace to race her best race ever

Free Entry to National Parks April 16 to 24

National Parks Week begins on Saturday.

New Documentary Puts the Spotlight on Native American Runners

Can high schoolers living on New Mexico's Navajo reservation use distance running to beat the odds and earn a scholarship to a prestigious

How Much Do Tickets to the Olympics Cost?

Want to watch your favorite runners in London next year? Start saving.

Eat Emotionally and Stay Skinny

Four tips for giving in and staying trim.

Testing Can’t Prevent Sudden Death in Athletes

Testing young athletes for abnormal heart rhythms does not help prevent sudden death cases.

Enduro WOW: Crotch Buster

Crotch busters, defined.

Enduro Word Of The Week: The DA Ride

Sometimes mistaken for “no butt” syndrome, a DA may be avoided by properly replenishing the body’s nutritional stores...

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