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How I Got Hypothermia At The Los Angeles Marathon

The story of how my dream of going 3:30 ended with me covered in human bubble wrap in an ER while trying to explain to my mom how to

Eat Cereal to Ward Off High Blood Pressure

Eating whole grain cereal daily could make you 20 percent less likely to develop high blood pressure.

Enduro WOW: Mamil

Defining the word of the week: mamil.

Clif Bar Introduces Coconut Chocolate Chip

New addition to the original bar lineup brings flavor count to 16.

Enduro Word Of The Week: Assalt

Defining the endurance word of the week: assalt.

Friday Funday Video: Fast Twitch/Slow Twitch Muscle People

Running the Appalachian Trail–In Five Minutes

Virtually run the Appalachian Trail in under five minutes.

Enduro Word Of The Week (WOW): Neapolitan

In this new weekly feature, Competitor Magazine senior editor Erin Beresini helps you expand your endurance vocabulary.

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