Articles by Emily Polachek

Monday Motivation: Finishing 26.2 Miles in Slow Motion

The marathon looked at differently—in extreme slow motion.

Monday Motivation: The World’s Bounciest 5K

There are plenty of adventure races involving large quantities of mud and challenging (if not sometimes dangerous) obstacles, but none are

Maggie Vessey’s Functional Fashion

Free of sponsor ties, trackster Maggie Vessey is turning heads with her in vogue uniform selections.

What Goes in Gu?

It's an endurance athlete staple, but how do the ingredients of the popular energy gel actually work?

Monday Motivation: Mother Runner Crushes Beer Mile World Record

Chris Kimbrough breaks the first women's beer mile world record in 17 years.

Monday Motivation: Runners After the New York City Marathon

Congratulations to the 50,881 runners that braved chilling 30-mph winds at yesterday’s New York City Marathon! Prior to Sunday,

Friday Fail: Jogger Runs into British Prime Minister

A quick jog to the gym suddenly ended in handcuffs.

Photos: 5 Charity Runs You’ll Want to Dress Up For

Try one of these wacky 5Ks that require you to dress up before toeing the line.

Monday Motivation: The Steepest 400-Meter Race

Red Bull redefines the classic 400-meter sprint. The Red Bull 400 challenge may be the world’s most extreme 400-meter race. It

Photos: 2014 Nike Women’s Half Marathon San Francisco

On Sunday, 25,000 women, as well as a few good men, ran in the 11th annual Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco to benefit the

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