Articles by Jason Devaney

3 Foam Rolling Exercises for the Injury-Prone Runner

Use this sequence to keep your IT band, hamstrings and quads happy.

Strengthen Core Muscles with The Pedestal Routine

Keeping your core muscles strong is crucial to good form and staving off injuries.

Eliminate Knee Problems With The Chair Stretch

Many knee issues, from IT Band Syndrome to a sore knee, are often rooted in the hips.

How To: Active Isolated Stretching

Prevent injury before it happens with this pre-run stretch.

How To Lateral Squat Walk With A Resistance Band

This is an effective strengthening exercise for getting your butt into shape!

How to Loosen Your Feet With a Golf Ball

As a runner, your feet will take a pounding, regardless of what shoes you wear or how much experience you have. “A lot of runners

How To: Tennis Ball Upper Back Massage

Keep your massages cheap by doing them yourself.

2015 Running Gear Guide: Men’s Tops

Short or long sleeves, these tops were tested for fit, feel and performance.

The Everyman: A 29-Day Challenge

Missing a workout during a daily challenge isn't the end of the world, Jason Devaney writes.

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