Articles by Jason Devaney

The Everyman: A Day In The Life Of Food

Here's a list of nine items that generally make an appearance in our diet. What's in yours?

The Everyman: All I Want For Christmas

What's on your wish list this year?

The Everyman: What Are You Thankful For?

He lists turkey trots and the running community — but not winter weather.

The Everyman: Get A Coach

Working with a coach can provide huge benefits to endurance athletes.

The Everyman: Road Runners vs. Trail Runners

What's with all the beards and high socks?

The Everyman: 5 Types Of Marathon Runners

Where do you fall on our unofficial list?

The Everyman: 6 New Running Events For The Winter Olympics

Why not make the Winter Games a bit more interesting?

The Everyman: Getting Ready For Cold-Weather Training

Winter is a time to get in some base training for the next season.

The Everyman: The Marine Corps Marathon Must Go On

The government shutdown should not affect what's known as "The People's Marathon."

Mosop, Baysa, Jeptoo Headline Fast Chicago Field

Four of the runners in the men's field have run some of the fastest marathons in history.

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