Articles by Linzay Logan

Water Running: A Low-Impact Run Workout

This form of aquatic exercise is one of the best cross-training workouts for runners, injured or not.

6 Quick Winter Running Tips

Be safe and don't let the momentum fade with spring right around the corner.

Roll Away Injuries: The Benefits Of Using A Foam Roller

Limit soreness and tightness by increasing blood flow and flexibility.

Running 101: Don’t Forget About The Warmup

It's one of the most overlooked — but important — elements of a successful race.

Learn To Power Over Hills, And Then Repeat

Don't let hills stand in your way of getting a PR at your next race. Follow these tips and you'll be ready when the road goes up.

High-Intensity Interval Training

Can reducing your mileage and relying on short and fast intervals put you on a path to better running?

Is There An Optimal Time Of Day To Run?

One expert says no; each individual is different.

3 Rules Every Runner Should Live By

"Just go run" didn't make the list.

Weight Loss Tip: Blend And Add Pepper

Recent research suggests that there are foods we can eat more of that help fill us up, but also help us to eat fewer calories.

Five Indoor Workouts To Boost Your Fitness

Give these alternate forms of exercise a try when running outside is not an option.

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