Articles by Matt Fitzgerald

Nutrition For The Older Runner

Your body changes through the years. Should your diet?

Finish Your Second (Or Next) Marathon Faster

You've finished your first marathon. Congratulations! Now what?

Do The Benefits Of Organic Foods Outweigh The Cost?

They say you get what you pay for. But how much more do you really get when you buy organic?

A Short Cut To The Long Run

You can run a good marathon without logging 20-mile training runs.

Nature Doesn’t Make Junk Food

Research helps rehabilitate the potato.

Is Fasting During Workouts Safe?

Think twice before you "starve" yourself during and after workouts.

Workout Of The Week: Anaerobic Training

Adding anaerobic training to your regimen will increase speed and power while keeping you healthy.

The 3 Best Core Exercises For Runners

Forget crunches. They’re not specific enough to running. Do these moves instead.

Are You A Stomper?

Runners can permanently reduce impact forces through biofeedback.

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