Articles by Matt Fitzgerald

Matt Fitzgerald’s Marathon Week Nutrition Plan

The author will soon run a marathon in less-than-perfect shape. He needs all the nutritional help he can get. Here’s what he’s

Inside ZAP Fitness: The Life Of An Aspiring Elite American Runner

Hopes and dreams of aspiring Olympic hopefuls are cultivated at ZAP Fitness.

Sports Science Update: Did Meb’s Socks Help Him PR?

New study adds little clarity to our understanding of the benefits of compression socks.

Sports Science Update: Does “Barefoot” Running Have Legs?

A new scientific survey shows more interest than participation.

Book Review: Running The Edge

Adam Goucher’s authorial debut (with Tim Catalano) is a surprise and a delight.

Racing Weight: Beware The Weekend Binge

Don't reverse a week’s worth of progress over the weekend.

Sports Science Update: Do Strong Hips Prevent Knee Injuries?

A new study paints a subtler picture.

The Performance-Enchancing Power Of Caffeine

The world's most widely used drug can make you a better runner.

The Young Gun: Exclusive Interview With Kilian Jornet

The 23-year-old is taking the ultrarunning world by storm.

Racing Weight: Lose Weight or Lose Fat?

Not all weight loss is good weight loss.

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