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The Young Gun: Exclusive Interview With Kilian Jornet

The 23-year-old is taking the ultrarunning world by storm.

Racing Weight: Lose Weight or Lose Fat?

Not all weight loss is good weight loss.

New Study About the Hip/Knee-Pain Relationship

A new study reveals the limitations of strengthening the hips to prevent knee injuries. Written by: Matt Fitzgerald The hip joint—or

Shoe Solutions: Case Study No. 1—Seeking Minimalism with Traction

The New Balance Trail Minimus passes one runner’s test. Written by: Matt Fitzgerald I tried to return to serious training too quickly

The 6 Best U.S. Marathons To Set A Personal Record

These are the places to go for your next PR.

Preconditioning Doesn’t Prevent Running Injuries

A trio of new studies lends support to the notion that running injuries just happen.

How Fit Are Your Breathing Muscles?

Respiratory muscle training may help you run better.

Ask The Experts: What Can I Do About Pre-Race Nerves?

Matt Fitzgerald gives advice on combatting pre-race anxiety.

Centrowitz, Uceny Win Bruising 1500 Finals

Lagat passes his world championships spot on to Wheating.

Huddle Wins Women’s 5,000 In Convincing Fashion

Hastings, Bizzarri also qualify for world championships.

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