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7 Injury Prevention Strategies for Pain-Free Running

It's easy to get injured from running if you're not following these seven basic injury prevention strategies.

Take Your Running Up A Gear By Cycling During Base Training

If you're in-between race seasons, here's how cycling can keep your body fit and mind fresh—along with the right way to get started.

Malty Beverages Have a Special Place in Many Runners’ Hearts

Beer and running. It seems to be the latest rage, but it's neither recent nor exclusive to the sport of running.

Run Your Best Race at the 2016 New York City Marathon

A guide to this year's New York City Marathon with New York-specific racing tips and expert insights.

New Study Warns You’re About to Gain Weight

According to a study recently published in The New England Journal of Medicine, right about now is the least you'll weigh all year.

Golden Hour: Get Faster with Just 60 Minutes of Supplemental Training

Adding just 60 minutes of supplemental training each week can help increase speed, durability, or flexibility.

5 Delicious Recipes to Help You Recover and Rebuild

Bounce back from hard racing or workouts with foods you'll love.

How, and Why, to Hit Negative Splits in Your Next Race

Running the second half of a race faster than you run the first half is a proven formula for success.

8 Productive Strategies for the Week After Your Big Race

Your big race doesn't just end when crossing the finish line, your recovery requires some strategizing too!

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