Articles by Mario Fraioli

Is There Such A Thing As Junk Miles?

Some experts advocate quality over quantity. Others say the opposite. Who’s right?

Weekly Workouts: Sharpening Sessions

Follow these suggestions and step to the starting line with confidence on race day.

A Less Technical Approach To Threshold Training

Matt Fitzgerald explains why and how to effectively include threshold workouts in your training. Fancy gadgets optional.

Master The Mile: One-Mile Training Plan

To race the perfect mile, a runner needs to possess an equal balance of strength and speed.

Friday Workout: The Hill-Tempo Sandwich

This workout mixes two training elements into the same workout—giving you more bang for your buck!

4 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Strength train without weights or any equipment with these four simple bodyweight exercises.

6 Strategies For Safe Summer Running

Keep your cool and beat the heat this summer with these suggestions.

7 Habits Of Highly-Effective Runners

Make these habits work for you and become a more motivated, happier and fitter athlete.

Workout of the Week: Pardon The (Uphill) Interruption

Insert some incline into your next interval workout.

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