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Med Tent: How To Knock Out Shoulder Pain

Dr. Jordan Metzl identifies the different types of shoulder pain that tend to plague runners.

Keflezighi, Hall, Abdirahman Commit To Boston Marathon

The race will include five of the six marathoners from the 2012 U.S. Olympic team.

Eat And Run: Eating Healthy Meats

Learn how including the right types of meat in your diet is a healthy nutritional practice that can play a very important role in your

I’m A Competitor: Jan Fields

We caught up with the former president of McDonald's USA.

Ten American Runners to Watch in 2013

There's plenty to be excited about this year as the depth of U.S. distance running is on the rise.

The Long Run: Winter Strength

Mental toughness is indispensable no matter what distances you run.

Shoe Of The Day: New Balance 860v3

Check out this graffiti-inspired shoe!

Staff Blog: Think Small

Let's be real: resolutions are rarely sustainable, if they were even reasonable in the first place.

Out There: “But I Hate Running”

There are a lot of things I could be doing instead of running. I could nap. Or watch reality TV. Or...

5 Running Blogs You Should Be Reading

These popular websites cover a wide range of topics that center around running.

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