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Staff Blog: Think Small

Let's be real: resolutions are rarely sustainable, if they were even reasonable in the first place.

Out There: “But I Hate Running”

There are a lot of things I could be doing instead of running. I could nap. Or watch reality TV. Or...

5 Running Blogs You Should Be Reading

These popular websites cover a wide range of topics that center around running.

Heather Dolan: Making Magic Behind The Scenes

Meet the Competitor Group's registration manager!

Video: Inside Amy Hastings’ Cover Shoot

Go behind the scenes with the 10,000m Olympian and photo editor Scott Draper!

Desiree Davila Out Of Boston Marathon

The second-place finisher in 2011 has been slow to heal from injury.

Out There: Suggestions Welcome

If I accomplish these, I’ll eat a celebratory cupcake and walk a little taller.

DiCrescenzo, Higginson To Lead Midnight Run

The 33rd annual race takes place at midnight on New Year's Eve.

Vessey Accepts Public Warning For Banned Diuretic

The substance, Canrenone, was present in a prescription medication she was taking for her skin.

New York City Marathon Offers Three Options

The NYRR are making refunds available to runners.

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