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Brooklyn Welcomes the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

The inaugural race will have 17,500 runners.

5 Race Day Don’ts For Runners

Keep these five "don'ts" in mind next time you're getting ready to take the start line.

Perfect Weather Greets 34,000 at Rock ‘n’ Roll Montreal

Mark Twain once called Montreal the “City of Steeples”, and at Sunday’s edition of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Oasis Montreal Marathon,

The Pros Aren’t Always Perfect: Lessons Learned From Elite Runners

Three top runners share lessons learned from mistakes they've made over the course of their careers.

Strength Training for Runners: Squat-Thrust Climbers

Improve your balance and core strength with this exercise.

Laura Thweatt, Elkanah Kibet Win Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach

Jeffrey Eggleston finished second in the men's race.

Running and Chafing: 5 Tips To Ward Off Unwelcome Irritation

There are many things that can negatively affect your race, but anyone who has ever crossed the finish line hunched over in a delicate

Strengthen Your Core With Abdominal Rollouts

The core muscles help keep your body upright and stable when running.

3 Bodyweight Workout Routines For Runners

Next time you're in an unfamiliar location with little time to spare, give one of these workouts a shot.

Pre-Race Dos and Don’ts For Beginner Runners

Brad Hudson and Reno Stirrat share some of their top tips leading up to a big race.

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