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Artificial Sweeteners: Better Than Sugar?

The jury's still out.

Out With The Pyramid, In With The Plate

There's a new-and-improved symbol of healthful eating.

Performance in a Pill? Introduction to Dietary Supplements

One of the top sports supplements experts invites you to learn everything you need to know about safe and effective nutritional

Race-Day Nutrition Advice From Greg Meyer

The former Boston Marathon champion offers some sound advice on nutrition for race day.

Become A Fat-Burning Machine

Your key to getting leaner and racing better may be metabolic efficiency training.

Boost Your Daily Diet With Super Shakes

Dr. John Berardi teaches us how to make “super shakes” that are significantly better than your typical juice bar offerings.

Study Finds Milk Is Best For Hydration

Choosing what to drink during and after exercise is important for staying hydrated, especially in the hot summer months. And you might be

Racing Weight—A Diet Book For Endurance Athletes contributor Dave Trendler interviewed author Matt Fitzgerald about his new book Racing Weight. Fitzgerald’s new book

Flex Your Appetite

Written by: Dawn Jackson Blatner Vegetarianism is not just for vegetarians anymore. These days the growing health movement called

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