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Olympic Marathon Trials: Men’s Start In Slow-Mo

Video by: Steve Godwin/Competitor

Olympic Marathon Trials: Women’s Start In Slow-Mo

Catch yourself in this slow-motion video of the women's start at Saturday's U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, in Houston, Texas. Produced by

The Marathon On Trial: Selection vs. The Race

Is the Trials race necessary, or even the best way, to decide who represents the U.S. at the Olympics?

Out There: Stoking The Competitive Fire

The flame is flickering, whether you know it or not.

Photo Gallery: Looking Back At The 2008 U.S. Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials

Photo Gallery: Looking Back At The 2008 Men’s Olympic Marathon Trials

Photo Gallery: U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials Fun Facts

Check out these fun facts!

Out There: Getting My Ego Checked

Finishing is an accomplishment, not an identity.

Video–Renato Canova: “This season was the basis of the new era for the marathon.”

Famed Italian running coach Renato Canova, who coaches 2:03:04 marathoner and Chicago Marathon champion Moses Mosop, amongst other

The Long Run: Don’t Run, Gain Weight, Hang Out

You’ll be a better runner… seriously.

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