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Born To Run, And Then Some

Think you’re into barefoot running? Not as much as this guy. Written By John Mendelsohn Femoral anteversion, an increased angle

Ryan Hall Marathon Goal Setting Tips

Josh Muxen, race announcer for the 2009 Dean Karnazes Silicon Valley Marathon, sits down with American marathoner Ryan Hall. Ryan offers

Frank Shorter On Alititude Acclimation

For anyone running the a race, like the Denver Marathon, at altitude you need to be sure to acclimate yourself. Frank Shorter offers some

Frank Shorter Explains How To Develop A Marathon Race Plan

Former Olympic gold medalists Frank Shorter takes some time to talk about running a marathon, and how to plan your race. Shorter contends

Interview With Ultramarathoner Anton Krupicka

Bryon Powell caught up with Anton Krupicka just before the 2009 Leadville Trail 100. Anton has won this ultramarathon trail race twice and

Yoga For Runners: Downward Facing Dog

Yoga instructor Sage Rountree demonstrates the Downward Facing Dog, which is a great yoga position for runners. This position will help

High Altitude Preparation

From Sir Edmund Hillary to the weekend warrior, we are always pushing our own personal limits by going farther, faster and of course higher

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