Articles by Ryan Wood

The 10 Largest Half Marathons in the U.S.

The exploding popularity of the half marathon distance is creating bigger and bigger races.

Boston No Longer a Candidate for 2024 Olympics

Attention turns elsewhere; maybe Los Angeles?

Badwater 135 Goes Forward With New Restrictions in Place

The famed ultra will have an night start under a full moon, among other tweaks.

Study Shows Runners Gravitating Toward Longer Distances

One distance is in the decline, while others are booming.

Fuel Buzz: Watermelon in a Bottle

Could cold-pressed watermelon juice be a viable sports drink alternative?

8 Gym Bags Perfect for Runners

Bags of all price points with varying bells and whistles are on the market.

Are Larger Runners More Injury-Prone?

Do Clydesdale and Athena runners have challenges unique to runners of their size?

Blake Leeper Shows Inner Strength in New Motivational Video

The star runner shares his story of overcoming.

Timex Connect : The Running Watch Features You’re Not Using

How to get the most out of your running watch.

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