Articles by Sabrina Grotewold

Why Older Athletes Need To Eat Fat

Omega-3's help prevent age-related muscle loss.

Running On Optimal Fuel: Effective Fueling Strategies For Runners

The missing piece from most training plans? An effective fueling strategy.

Fueling Optimally: When Is As Important As What

Humans are "energy-first" systems.

Kitchen MacGyver: Salmon’s Protein Punch

Try this tasty recipe after your next long run and reap the benefits of this nutrient-dense fish.

Expert Advice: Run Smarter To Avoid Injury

Learn how you can run fewer miles without sacrificing speed.

Before You Soak In That Ice Bath…

Anything a runner can do to speed repair is always a good thing, right?

Expert Advice: Eating Before Your Marathon

What you eat and when are important cogs to race-day success.

Using Yoga For Injury Prevention And Recovery

Increase flexibility, develop agility and strength, and sharpen mental focus.

How To Build A Proper Base For Running Rookies And Veterans

Coach Matt Forsman helps you plot out your return to running in the new year.

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