Articles by Sabrina Grotewold

A Race For Redemption: Top Americans Set To Tackle Boston Marathon

Nick Arciniaga and Jason Hartmann are hoping to bounce back from disappointing Olympic Trials races.

Inside The Salazar-Rupp Mystique

Can the American 10,000-meter record holder defy critics, break up the Africans and medal in London?

Favorite Foods And Gear Of Three Top Trail Runners

What powers Geoff Roes’, Olga King’s and Rickey Gates’ long bouts on trails might surprise you.

Kitchen MacGyver: Apple Spice Bread

Learn how to create a delicious baked good without the use of butter, oil or eggs.

Expert Advice: What’s The Best Way To Refuel After A Half Marathon?

In terms of immediate recovery afterwards, you want to replace carbohydrates first.

The Six-Mile Road To Boston

Want to get faster in the marathon? Here's a straightforward workout that'll boost your fitness.

Getting To Know Jason Lehmkuhle

The marathon ace is also a master of time management.

Lean Fuel For Racing: Joe Bastianitch’s Shellfish Pasta

Running helped the renowned chef turn his life around.

Kitchen MacGyver: Immunity-Boosting Dinner

This red-pepper recipe can help you fend off illness this winter.

Flanagan Tops The Field In Women’s Race

Record-setting day as top three finishers all run under old Trials record.

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