Articles by TJ Murphy

Going Longer: How To Train For Your First 50K

Check out this introductory guide to ultrarunning and a beginner’s training plan to tackling a 50K.

Start ‘Em Young: Getting Kids Running

Former world-class runner Rod Dixon wants to end the childhood obesity epidemic.

100,000-Mile Checkup: Mike Fanelli

One lifelong runner talks about hitting the magic mileage number.

Paul Terranova Is One Tenacious Texan

The 39-year-old from Austin tackled an ultra-ambitious racing season in 2012.

Least Is Best: A Guide To Minimalist Running Shoes

We shed some light on the design and thought behind the new models populating today’s minimalist shoe category.

Survival Of The Fittest

America’s specialty running shoe retailers continue to survive, and in many cases thrive, despite online retail and economic challenges.

We Tried It: The New Balance Tri-Viz Running Hat

Are you an early-morning or a late-night runner? Be seen on the roads this winter.

We Tried It: The Zone Diet

Competitor magazine editorial director T.J. Murphy shares his experiences trying out a new approach to nutrition.

Helping Veterans And Their Families: The Disposable Heroes Project Visits CrossFit Overload

On January 21 in Murrieta, Calif., the CrossFit Community will gather for the largest DHP Fundraiser yet.

Inside The CrossFit Culture, Part II: The Overhaul

How Briana Drost lost 30 pounds and went from desk potato to competitive CrossFit athlete.

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