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Roll Away Injuries With The Myorope

This new product's construction produces a foam-roller-like rake effect.

Burning Runner: Inside The CrossFit Culture

A new partnership with Reebok, combined with a strong sense of community and competitive environments, will keep momentum going.

Super Running: Is Crossfit Endurance The New Way To Train?

Runners have called Brian MacKenzie the antichrist. But could he be right?

Burning Runner: Crossfit Endurance And Trying The Zone Diet

It's all about small meals and balance.

Once A Running Shoe Salesman

A longtime runner reflects on the motivation and madness behind the endurance lifestyle, and how once you start living it, there’s no

Brian MacKenzie’s 12-Week CrossFit Endurance Advanced Training Program

Want to take your training further? Give this 12-week advanced plan a try!

Burning Runner: Replacing High-Mileage With Crossfit Endurance

Is LSD, Arthur Lydiard-style training the only way to train as a distance runner?

Photo Gallery: CrossFit Endurance Seminar–Hermosa Beach, California

Check out these great photos from last weekend's CrossFit Endurance Seminar in Hermosa Beach, California.

Burning Runner: Explaining My New Training Approach

T.J. recaps last weekend's CrossFit Endurance seminar and then explains his new training approach.

Back On The Bus: Respect

“If I had my competitive career to run over again, I would change some of my attitudes to injuries. I would show them more respect.

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