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Berlin Marathon Blocking Media From Parliament During Election

Roughly seven media outlets have been barred from setting up in front of the German parliament building due to the Berlin Marathon.

7 Laws You Might Be Breaking On Your Run

You could be breaking laws on your run and not even know it. Here are seven mid-run activities that are illegal in certain states.

Spartan Race Series Is Heading To Iceland For Their World Championship

To add a challenge to obstacle racers, Spartan Race Series will be holding their world championships in Iceland in the middle of December.

Here’s The National Geographic Breaking2 Documentary You’ve Been Waiting For

National Geographic followed the three world-class marathoners in Italy as they worked to reach the sub-2-hour marathon barrier.

Fenway Park Marathon Raises $320,000 For The Red Sox Foundation

Boston Marathon Director Dave McGillivray was joined by 49 other runners at the first ever Fenway Park Marathon to raise money for charity.

What It’s Like To Run In A War Zone

Many of us go through obstacles in order to run—but have you trained in a war zone?

What It Looks Like To Run Along America’s Iconic Route 66

Salomon athlete Max King decided to run from town to town in the American Southwest on Route 66 and document his journey along the way.

The New Brooks Levitate Promises To Give Runners More Energy

The new Brooks Levitate running shoe claims to have the greatest energy return in the industry thanks to new DNA AMP technology.

8 Different Types Of Runners You Will Definitely Encounter

Are you a party animal or a weekend warrior? Find out where you fit in among these groups of runners.

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