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Self-Massage Tips for Runners

Follow those techniques to help loosen tight muscles—which will help your running.

Become a Faster Runner With Strides

These short bursts during a training run teach your body how to run faster.

6 Injury-Reducing Exercises For Runners

Learn how to attain optimal hip flexor flexibility, improve core strength and stability, as well as gluteal strength and stability.

The Balancing Act: Speed vs. Endurance

If you mess up the training balance, go the other way— gradually.

Understanding Foot Fractures And How To Treat Them

If caught early, many of these types of injuries can be easily treated.

Beat The Heat: Warm Weather Racing Tips

Use these nine tips to perform optimally in hot conditions.

4 Foods That Help Fight Post-Run Inflammation

These foods and spices pack an anti-inflammatory punch and are worth incorporating into your diet.

Maintain Your Strengths While Working On Your Weaknesses

Pro trail runner Max King explains how to balance the work you do.

How to Use Progression in Your Strength Workouts

Keep improving with your strength training and the running results will follow.

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