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Trail of the Week: Trans Catalina Trail, California

The island off the Southern California coast has trails that make for a great adventure run.

The Comeback Kid: Luke Puskedra Becomes a Top U.S. Olympic Trials Contender

After quitting elite running in search of an average, regular life, Luke Puskedra slowly found his way back into the sport.

Treadmill Running: What’s Grade Got To Do With It?

Learn how to dial in your effort on the treadmill by adjusting speed and grade.

Workout Of The Week: Fast Finish

Go ahead, run like a horse smelling the barn.

Is Intermittent Fasting Good for Runners?

The nutritional strategy is gaining steam, but is it worth the fuss?

Chasing Rio, Part I: Meb’s 2016 Olympic Quest

Stay tuned for more episodes of "Chasing Rio" leading up to the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials marathon in Los Angeles on Feb 13.

How Music Can Boost Your Cadence

Music can help you get into a rhythm.

Brother and Sister to Make Olympic Trials Marathon History in L.A.

The two had different roads to qualification.

How to (Finally) Run More Consistently

It’s critical to build the small habits that make consistency far easier to attain.

Photos: Clever Runners Use Strava to Create Art

The workout-tracking app Strava has its share of creative endurance athletes—and here's the proof.

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