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Tennis Star Wozniacki Putting Marathons on Hold

The tennis star ran a 3:26 on minimal training, but she's sticking with tennis.

Video: Quest For The Podium

Billy Yang follows top ultra runners in their quest for a podium spot at the recent 2014 NorthFace Endurance Challenge Championship.

How To Grow A Runner: Pistol Squats

This challenging exercise demands balance and strength to execute properly.

Katherine Hopper: Trust in Your Training, it’s GO time!

Katherine Hopper stays organized by packing early, organizing her race gear ahead of time and getting enough sleep.

Spartan Race World Championships Moving to Lake Tahoe

The championships are heading to California after three years in Vermont.

New Exercises For Fixing Achilles Injuries

Avoid chronic issues by strengthening your tendons and making them more resilient.

Dynamic Warmup for Runners: High Knee Stretching

This is a great way to stretch out your glutes before a run. It’s important to concentrate on your posture, though as the video

Athletics Schedule for 2016 Rio Olympics Announced

The marathons will be one week apart on Sunday morning.

Dallas Marathon Winner Upstaged by Relay Runner

A member of a relay team out-sprinted Shitaye Gemechu at the finish line and broke the tape.

Why Run 100 Miles?

We asked several top ultrarunners a simple question — why run 100 miles?

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