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The 30-20-10 Workout

Regular fartlek-style workouts can up your performance while decreasing training time.

Out There: Armchair Diagnosis

How do you reply to those who assert running will kill you?

Trail Running Fashion: A Humorous Guide On What to Wear While Running Trails

How you define fashion on the trails is totally up to you.

Video: An Introduction to Strength Training

Why even basic strength exercises should be added to your training—now.

Why I Run: Nick Symmonds

We asked Olympian Nick Symmonds a simple question: Why do you run?

Video: Behind the Scenes with the Cobra Fitness Club

A new fitness club is making a scene and breaking a sweat in the Hollywood hills.  For our “SoCal Cool” summer fashion feature

Beer Mile World Classic Set For August 22

The event will leverage the social aspects of running and beer drinking to raise funds for and awareness of local nonprofits.

Video: How to Do ‘C’ Skips

A good skipping drill for your toolbox.

How Runners Can Overcome ‘Carbophobia’

Carbs aren't the problem—but the foods that contain the carbs could be.

Photos: 2015 Big Sur International Marathon

The breathtaking scenery of the race makes it a favorite among runners.

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