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Why Running and Antibiotics Don’t Always Mix

How a certain class of antibiotics could affect your running and potentially put you at greater risk for injury.

9 Great Running Books You Should Be Reading Right Now

Some of the best running books of 2016 and a few new ones released in 2017.

7 Ways My Dog is a Better Runner than Me

Lessons runners can learn from their eager and highly-motivated four-legged training partners.

Is Your Mental Game Keeping You from a Time Goal?

Find out if a mental block is preventing you from achieving your time goal and how to get past it.

New Balance Unveils RunIQ Watch and PaceIQ Headphones

New Balances newest GPS smartwatch and wireless earphones is available for pre-order with a Feb. 1 release date.

German Student’s Adidas Commercial Perfectly Captures the Spirit of Running

An incredibly moving spec commercial that demonstrates how running never truly leaves us nor can it be taken away.

25 Must-Do American Marathons in 2017

The 26.2-milers to check out and sign up for in 2017.

Gear We Love: January 2017

From snow-running cleats to energy snacks to an uber-versatile piece of headwear, here's the gear that we can't get enough of this month.

9 Ways to Become Faster in 2017

Now is the time to evaluate what you did well and figure out what you can do better to run faster in 2017.

Video: Patriots Day Movie Official Trailer

The 2013 Boston Marathon will always be remembered for the terrorist bombings that killed four people and permanently injured hundreds

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