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2015 Running Gear Guide: Trail Shoes

We tested a wide assortment of 2015 trail running shoes.

2015 Running Gear Guide: Women’s Socks

We tested running socks for fit, feel and performance for all sorts of runs.

2015 Running Gear Guide: Men’s Socks

We put an assortment of men's running socks to the test.

2015 Running Gear Guide: Road Shoes

Here's a detailed overview, and wear-tester comments, of dozens of road shoes coming to stores in 2015.

Alan Culpepper Publishes ‘Run Like A Champion’

The two-time Olympian shares his secrets to running success.

2015 NYC Marathon Lottery to Accept 18 Percent of Applicants

About 18 percent of the applicants will receive good news this week.

What?! This Chicago Guy Runs Shirtless All Through The Winter!

Mason Saadat says he skips running on the hottest days in the summer, but runs shirtless almost every day in the winter.

Displaced Cowtown Runners Invited to Run Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas for Free

DALLAS – February 28, 2015 – With the Cowtown Marathon’s cancellation of the marathon, ultra-marathon, 10K and 5K due to severe

The Pros and Cons of Waterproof Shoes

Are waterproof shoes the right choice for you?

Video: Post-Workout Nutrition Strategies

What should you consume, when you should do it and how do you make time?

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