Burning Runner: Making A Game Of Weight Loss

burning_runner_72Making a game of trying to burn off 20 pounds in 20 weeks while training for the Zappos.com Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon, Competitor.com contributing editor T.J. Murphy seeks to test out all manner of method and madness in pursuit of supreme health, fitness and a solid blast of weight loss. Follow his progress on this page, and check in every Monday for a new update and accompanying box score.


Week 1: Let The Weight-Loss Game Begin (July 19)

Week 2: Dropping Pounds, Upping The Ante (July 26)

Week 3: Digging Myself Out Of The Diet Rut (August 2)

Extra: Improving My Time–And Diet (August 5)

Week 4: Kicking The Coffee Habit (August 9)

Extra: The Power Of A Plant-Based Diet (August 11)

Week 5: An Honest Path To Weight Loss (August 16)

Week 6: Weight-Loss Lessons Learned (August 23)

Week 7: Surviving On A Vegan Diet (August 30)

Week 8: Preparing For A Juice Fast (September 7)

Week 9: The Juice Fast Jump Start (September 13)

Week 10: The Juice Fast Nightmare (September 20)

Week 11: The Rising Popularity Of A Plant-Based Diet (September 27)

Week 12: No Column

Week 13: A Year’s Worth Of Lessons Learned (October 18)

Week 14: Battling The Barefoot Runner (October 25)

Week 15: Change Will Do You Good (November 1)

Week 16: No Column

Week 17: The Working Diet (November 15)

Week 18: No Column

Week 19: The Ol’ Injury Fandango (November 29)

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