Burning Runner: Making A Game Of Weight Loss

burning_runner_72Making a game of trying to burn off 20 pounds in 20 weeks while training for the Zappos.com┬áRock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon, Competitor.com contributing editor T.J. Murphy seeks to test out all manner of method and madness in pursuit of supreme health, fitness and a solid blast of weight loss. Follow his progress on this page, and check in every Monday for a new update and accompanying box score.


Week 1: Let The Weight-Loss Game Begin (July 19)

Week 2: Dropping Pounds, Upping The Ante (July 26)

Week 3: Digging Myself Out Of The Diet Rut (August 2)

Extra: Improving My Time–And Diet (August 5)

Week 4: Kicking The Coffee Habit (August 9)

Extra: The Power Of A Plant-Based Diet (August 11)

Week 5: An Honest Path To Weight Loss (August 16)

Week 6: Weight-Loss Lessons Learned (August 23)

Week 7: Surviving On A Vegan Diet (August 30)

Week 8: Preparing For A Juice Fast (September 7)

Week 9: The Juice Fast Jump Start (September 13)

Week 10: The Juice Fast Nightmare (September 20)

Week 11: The Rising Popularity Of A Plant-Based Diet (September 27)

Week 12: No Column

Week 13: A Year’s Worth Of Lessons Learned (October 18)

Week 14: Battling The Barefoot Runner (October 25)

Week 15: Change Will Do You Good (November 1)

Week 16: No Column

Week 17: The Working Diet (November 15)

Week 18: No Column

Week 19: The Ol’ Injury Fandango (November 29)

Box Scores

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