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Ask The Experts: Should I Wear Racing Flats For The Marathon?

Can they save you a few a seconds, or even minutes, on race day or will wearing them make you more susceptible to injury? Mario Fraioli

Ask The Experts: What Can I Do About Pre-Race Nerves?

Matt Fitzgerald gives advice on combatting pre-race anxiety.

Ask The Experts: When Can I Start Training Again?

It depends on the length of the race you’ve just completed, your fitness level, and when you plan to race next. Matt Fitzgerald explains.

Ask The Experts: What’s The Best Way To Remove Cortisol From Our Systems?

Manipulating your training to avoid performance stagnation and keep it fun is the best way not just to moderate cortisol, but to avoid

Ask The Experts: Which Supplements Do Runners Need?

Matt Fitzgerald explains which are most beneficial.

Ask The Experts: Marathon Training And Traveling

Don't let your training fall off track when you're on the road.

Ask The Experts: How Do I Get Rid Of These Huge Biceps?

There’s a reason former football players don’t win marathons.

Ask The Experts: How Do I Find My Lactate Threshold?

It's not as complicated as it sounds!

Ask The Experts: Do I Need A Weekly Day Off?

Contrary to what you’ve been taught, runners do not spontaneously combust on their seventh consecutive day of exercise.

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