Barefoot Running

Barefoot running and other natural running techniques and training tips

The Five Most Common Running Form Mistakes

Are you making one of the following mechanical mistakes?

Safely Transitioning To A Minimalist Running Shoe

Preparation and patience are key to avoiding injury.

Zola Budd Gears Up For Comrades

She continues to back barefoot running.

Video: A How-To Guide To Barefoot & Minimalist Running

Learn more about "Natural Running", a guide which offers strategies and techniques for enjoying the benefits of barefoot running while

Inaugural Natural Running Certification Announced

The objective is to teach the fundamentals that will establish participants as well educated group leaders.

Expert Advice: Who Should Use Minimalist Running Shoes

A physical therapist gives his take on how to avoid injuries associated with the practice. Written by: Dr. Andrew Pritikin Theoretically, I

Addressing The Issues Of The Barefoot Running Argument

Triathlete Magazine senior tech editor Aaron Hersh points out some key oversights in a recent post on the "barefoot vs. shod running"

Jason Robillard Is Baring His Soles

One of the founding members of The Barefoot Runners Society wants to set the record straight.

Sports Science Update: Barefoot Running Is More Efficient

What does this mean for you?

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