Barefoot Running : Page 2

Barefoot running and other natural running techniques and training tips

Baring Your Soles: Tackle Any Terrain Without Shoes

Learn how to safely run anywhere without shoes on your feet!

Baring Your Soles: Problem-Solving Strategies

In Part 3 of a 4-part series, we learn how to solve some of the common problems associated with barefoot running.

Baring Your Soles: How Do I Start Barefoot Running?

Learn the basic elements of good barefoot running form.

Baring Your Soles: Is Barefoot Running Right For You?

Should you permanently ditch your shoes and join the ranks of the dirty-soled?

Book Review: Natural Running

Newton Running founder teaches how to run barefoot in shoes.

Better Feet, Not Bare Feet

A little strengthening of your feet and lower legs will pay big dividends.

Doing More With Less

Some of America’s 50 Best Running Stores are making the most of the barefoot running craze.

Newton Running Sponsoring Air Force Marathon Team

Improved results and fewer injuries, reports team coach.

Ask The Experts: What’s Your Take On POSE And Chi Running?

Q. Hello, Matt: I own two of your books, The Cutting-Edge Runner and Brain Training for Runners.  I have learned a lot and am still

An Education In Losing Your Shoes

Barefoot running expert Jason Robillard tells us the right way to run with nothing on your feet. Interview by: Mario Fraioli Ultramarathon

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