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Barefoot running and other natural running techniques and training tips

Barefoot Running For The Rest Of Us

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Written by: Matt Fitzgerald All across the United States, and even beyond our borders, runners

Barefoot Running’s Best Advocate

Irene Davis makes the most credible case for barefoot running. Interview by: Matt Fitzgerald Christopher McDougall, author of Born to Run,

The Barefoot Running Injury Epidemic

Business is booming at America’s running injury clinics.

A Simple Kind Of Man: Anton Krupicka Interview

Anton Krupicka’s minimalist approach has yielded maximum results. If the great Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy were living today,

But Is It Faster?

Elite runners don’t run barefoot. There’s a reason for that. Written by: Matt Fitzgerald The runners of the Nike Oregon Project

Barefoot Running Hits Boston

City Sports hosts big names in barefoot running during Boston Marathon weekend. Written By: Mario Fraioli One look at the feet of the crowd

Barefoot Running: A Virtual Trend?

Everyone is talking about it. Almost nobody, it seems, is doing it. Written by: Matt Fitzgerald I like to do some of my running at San

Almost Barefoot Running With Vibram Five Fingers

With all of the buzz going around about barefoot running,’s Sean McKeon spoke to the makers of the one shoe barefoot

Brooks Sports CEO Chimes In On Barefoot Running Craze

Top running shoe brand’s leader tries his best to be objective. Jim Weber, CEO of Brooks Sports, a leader in the running shoe

Meet The Barefoot Running Author Chris McDougall’s Matt Fitzgerald caught up with author of the wildly popular book “Born to Run,” Chris McDougall. Get to

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