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Boston Marathon Spectating Tips From TV Announcer Craig Masback

Whether you're in Boston or watching from home, here's how you can watch all of the action on race day—and what to look out for.

Why The Boston Marathon Is So Special

A look at the race's—and Boston's—rich history and the achievement that qualifying for the world’s grandest marathon bestows on its

5 New Faces Making Their Boston Marathon Debut

This year, 30,000 participants will toe the start line of the Boston Marathon. Here are the stories of five newcomers to the race.

Boston’s Hop 21 Is Making the Long Training Run Fun Again

The Hop 21 is a 21.5-mile training run that's been a fun tradition for Boston Marathoners in the area before race day.

Get A Sneak Peek At 8 Special-Edition Boston Marathon Shoes

Some of 2017's special-edition releases that you'll be able to buy to commemorate your Boston Marathon experience.

Galen Rupp Makes His Boston Marathon Debut Amid A Storm

Old storylines continue to steal the spotlight from America's greatest distance runner.

World Premiere Tickets for “BOSTON” Marathon Documentary to Go On Sale

The first feature-length documentary film about the Boston Marathon is finally coming to theaters.

Video: Patriots Day Movie Official Trailer

The 2013 Boston Marathon will always be remembered for the terrorist bombings that killed four people and permanently injured hundreds

U.S. Olympic Marathoners are Boston Bound in 2017

Five out of the six U.S. Olympic marathon team members who competed in Rio will be running in the 2017 Boston Marathon.

Sneak Peek: 2017 Boston Marathon Celebration Jacket

Adidas has unveiled the official 2017 Boston Marathon Celebration Jacket.

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