Burning Runner

Burning Runner: Inside The CrossFit Culture

A new partnership with Reebok, combined with a strong sense of community and competitive environments, will keep momentum going.

Burning Runner: 13 Rules of the Zone Diet

By T.J. Murphy I’m in Day 2 of following the basic protocols involved in following the Zone Diet, as prescribed by Dr. Barry Sears.

Burning Runner: Crossfit Endurance And Trying The Zone Diet

It's all about small meals and balance.

Burning Runner: 6 Weeks To Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle

A report on using Crossfit Endurance for half-marathon training.

Burning Runner: Replacing High-Mileage With Crossfit Endurance

Is LSD, Arthur Lydiard-style training the only way to train as a distance runner?

Burning Runner: No Missed Measurements

If measurement the key to fat loss, the first stop is the gold standard of body fat analysis: the DEXA body composition scan.

Burning Runner: The Paleo-Zone 2-Week Challenge

T.J. discusses the importance of diet in relation to his new CrossFit Endurance training approach.

Burning Runner: Comparing Opposite Approaches

T.J. compares his old training approach to his current CrossFit Endurance method of half-marathon training.

Burning Runner: Daily Training Log, March 24

T.J. Murphy reports on half-marathon training the CrossFit Endurance way.

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