Enduro Word Of The Week

Enduro Word of the Week: SMILEY (body part)

Having a smiley is not always a good thing.

Enduro WOW: Crotch Buster

Crotch busters, defined.

Enduro Word Of The Week: The DA Ride

Sometimes mistaken for “no butt” syndrome, a DA may be avoided by properly replenishing the body’s nutritional stores...

Enduro WOW: Mamil

Defining the word of the week: mamil.

Enduro Word Of The Week: Assalt

Defining the endurance word of the week: assalt.

Enduro Word Of The Week (WOW): Neapolitan

In this new weekly feature, Competitor Magazine senior editor Erin Beresini helps you expand your endurance vocabulary.

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