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Don’t Jog – Plogga!

A Swedish running trend is taking the world by storm.

Check Out The Adventure And Luxury Of The Camelbak Pursuit Series

With two events this year and more planned for 2018, the Camelbak Pursuit Series is the perfect outdoor summer camp for adults.

Military Veteran Shares The Significance Of The Marine Corps Marathon

A member of Team REVolution, military veteran Matt Haviland is running the Marine Corps Marathon to raise funds for paralyzed veterans.

There’s No Shame In Crossing The Finish Line Last

Whether you're the everyday runner or elite, these stories show that it's about finishing the race that matters most.

How Running And Music Intersect For RAC’s Liz Anjos

Being a speedy runner and talented musician are two inseparable aspects of RAC's Liz Anjos.

Meet New York’s Ultra Tough Guy Who Runs an Ultra a Month

Chris Rice is a banking technology manager by day and an ultrarunner, well, pretty much every other time he has available.

Running Inside The Walls Of San Quentin State Prison

The San Quentin State Prison marathon program offers reform—and a rare, fleeting glimpse of freedom—for inmates serving hard time.

Meet the Women Who Started The Mother Runner Movement

How Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea helped empower women with running.

The Wackiest, Wildest and Weirdest Fun Runs of 2017

13 novelty runs that offer serious, and not-so-serious running fun.

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